Saturday, February 14, 2009

Organic Fertilizers for your Organic Food Garden

Most of the time when people set out to grow a garden they automatically conclude that they will need to alter the soil with fertilizers and then once their plants are growing use chemicals to combat common pests. This couldn't be further from the truth. Unless you perform an analysis on your soil its really hard to say just what ratio of fertilizer you would "need" to use. However common things such as yard clippings are great for use as fertilizers and they do double duty as mulch. However by far the best fertilizer for your organic food garden is compost. Compost is free and it will never burn your plants when made correctly and its full of beneficial microbes to really help your plants get what they need. The two best fertilizers anyone can use for an organic food garden are available totally free. The first again is yard or grass clippings which provide 2-5% nitrogen and the second is yard waste compost which has around 1-4% nitrogen value. Just remember think natural and don't forget that most vegetable matter especially if its been composted correctly is the best thing you can do for your organic food garden!

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