Monday, February 9, 2009

My Organic Food Garden

Last year me and the family converted our tortoise enclosure into an organic garden. When I originally built the tortoise enclosure we never gave much thought to growing organic vegetables inside it. An organic food garden really promotes your families health in several ways. Not only does it produce healthy fresh food for your family to benefit from I'm convinced its extremely beneficial for our mental health to work the soil and get back to some of the simple pleasures in life.
Growing season here in the southwest is fairly long and usually starts early. One of the advantages of organic food gardening in an enclosed area like I constructed is that you can easily turn this setup into a hothouse. Simply add some heavy duty clear plastic or choose from the many types of greenhouse panels available and start your organic food garden early and keep it going well into fall. We were actually working with a real sandy and rocky soil thats found in our part of the country but this had little affect on the quality or quantity of organic vegetables we produced. This little organic food garden produced some of the best tasting food me and my family ever ate hands down! I'm not just tooting my own horn. Honest to goodness the tomatoes were RED and I mean bright vivid red. Talk about juicy! They were absolutely succulent! The peppers were also extremely crisp and fresh. There really are no words to describe how good organic foods taste and the satisfaction they give you. I would say as a rough estimate we produced at least 40lbs of tomatoes a couple pounds of squash and 20lbs of tomatillos. We also produced several pounds of peppers including bell,jalepenos and sweet bananas.
All in all it was a very productive little organic food garden in about a space of 12x8 feet. We are gearing up this year to increase the garden space by at least 3-4 for times and look forward to canning and sharing some of our organic food with more of our friends in family. The family is also planning to add a small flock of free range poultry so that we can add organic eggs to our diet as well. Organic food gardening is extremely rewarding both physically and mentally. Gear up now and plan your little plot. Do your research and get motivated now and you be reaping the rewards of organic food in no time!

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WE just tilled ours. The air is thick with excitement.