Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ocean Defenders Alliance

The Ocean Defenders or in its entirety Ocean Defenders Alliance are exactly what their name implies defenders of the ocean and the awesome creatures found therin. The grassroots marine organization was founded five years ago in Orange County, California. This group of top notch sea caretakers consists of a team of technical divers and two boats who not only patrol the waters off the coast of Southern California for illegal fishing activities, but also are extremly active in removing “Ghost Gear”. Ghost Gear is discarded equipment used by commercial fisherman that still poses deadly threats to our neighbors throughout the oceans in the world today. Ghost gear is a major contributing factor in polluting and degradation of water and the untold countless deaths of aquatic mamals,invertebrates, fish and birds.
Don't let the fishing industry fool you. Its by products are just as insidious as carbon monoxide, radioactive waste or coal sludge. The end results of these careless and irresponsible commercial fishing operations are directly responsible for damages to kelp beds and vital reef structures not to mention the hazards they pose to boaters, ocean swimmers,divers and surfers. For more information on the Ocean Defenders Alliance and how you can help them visit their site RIGHT HERE!

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