Thursday, December 11, 2008

Coal Facts

Facts about Coal.
Coal is the largest source of fuel for the generation of electricity world-wide, as well as the largest world-wide source of carbon dioxide emissions. Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas and these emissions contribute to climate change and global warming
Fifty-six percent of the United States electricity comes from coal.
Coal fired electric plants produce 96% of the sulfur dioxide emissions
93% of nitrogen oxide emissions. 88% of the carbon dioxide and 99% of mercury emissions.

Fact: This is not clean!
Fact: Clean Coal does not exist.
Fact: Semi-clean coal does not exist.
Fact: Big business power companies would like you to believe in Clean Coal.
Fact: Coal is black.
Fact: The burning of Coal destroys the environment.


Khirul Hafiz said...

Wow, all this time I think U.S is using 100% Plutonium powered electricity.

lisa winter said...

i really like your blog, it's very informative and i really like the tag line to your blog. Thanks for getting this message out there, i worry that as Americans we bury our head in the sand because we don't really want to know. Yet we really need to.