Monday, December 8, 2008

Clean Coal Technology Oxymoron

Jumbo shrimp,holy war,humane war, corporate family and now gaining ever more publicity clean coal technology. Clean coal technology would have people believe that you can still use coal and have a minimal impact on the environment. Basically "clean" coal technology is the premise you can capture the harmful carbon dioxide emissions from the burning of coal place it in water and then pump that water into the ground for storage. Sounds very appealing on the surface. However lets dig a bit deeper.

It has been estimated that commercial scale clean coal power stations cannot be commercially viable and operating until 2020 or 2025. The time frame has environmentalist concerned and right so given the need to mitigate green house gases and global warmging. Clean coal is nothing more than a marketing publicity stunt to keep big business earning enormous profits at the cost of our planet and humanity. Carbon emissions from coal account for 1/2 of the emissions that are destroying our planet. That being said oil companies are amongst the largest consumers of electricity on the planet. It requires enormous amounts of energy to refine oil into gasoline. Its a never ending cycle of whats good for an elite few at the cost of ruining the earth. Instead of being a cycle like many found in nature our dependency on fossil fuels is one that destroys and kills.
Thermal,solar and wind technologies are viable clean options that are gaining ever more popularity. However until big corporations and more importantly people in general demand clean sources of energy we will be forced to suffer the consequences of fossil fuel usage and greed. People must become motivated and take positive steps to change their future and that of generations to come.

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